Points of interest In La Fortuna

Hotel Arenal Roca Lodge is located in La Fortuna of San Carlos, which is a great tourist spot in Costa Rica for all the attractions and diverse activities that the area offers, from hiking to more extreme adventures for the more adventurous, not to mention the beautiful landscapes that can be seen just by being in La Fortuna, the abundant vegetation of very humid tropical forest and the great variety of animals that inhabit it make the area an attraction not to be missed.

The beautiful experiences begin from the moment you head to La Fortuna, why do we say this? Because we can always know that we are approaching La Fortuna since along you can always observe the silhouette of the imposing Arenal Volcano which is the biggest attraction of the area; thanks to this colossus the area offers several hot springs points that you can visit, below we will inform you of several points that may interest you for your visit in La Fortuna.


Viewpoint at the foot of the volcano
Arenal Reservoir
Cerro Chato
Viewpoint El Barco
Nature Trails