We are a mountain hotel, within reach of nationals and foreigners, where our greatest satisfaction is to offer an excellent quality service and personalized attention, so that our guests have unforgettable experiences and obtain memorable memories, in which they can also share and protect the environment for future generations.


To be a place of rest, accessible to all, offering an excellent quality service and commitment to the environment, promoting tourism that is aware of the importance of the conservation and preservation of nature.

La Fortuna of San Carlos

Hotel Arenal Roca Lodge is located in La Fortuna of San Carlos with breathtaking views of the imposing Arenal Volcano.

La Fortuna of San Carlos, a tourist center preferred by many due to all the facilities offered by the area, with various attractive spots for all tastes with a very pleasant climate surrounded by all kinds of beautiful and diverse vegetation, the area has several natural reserves that you can visit and know, many animal species inhabit the very humid tropical forest of La Fortuna, one of the few places with hot springs rivers totally natural and free for everyone to access.
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